Promote Local Artists in Jacksonville

Local Artists in Jacksonville are found in local art festivals, gallery shows, workshops and in open studios. Usually, renowned and top artists are keen on how they organize their time, handle people and do all it takes to embrace when they are performing. Despite this much excellence by the top artists that have worn our will and emotions in entirety, there is a need we celebrate our local artists by attending their shows and have fun with them. By doing so, we promote Jacksonville Arts. However, they are not much trending in our social media platforms, our support to them is primarily for their development

Ideally, artist partners earn commissions from the listings they sell to the local artists, galleries, events, and suppliers. The #SupportLocalArtists Street Team is mandated to sensitizing the public on the need to support our artists in events. The #SupportLocalArtists Street Team also funds artists for instance writers, film creators to write and develop programs in the community schools. The artists in return can lead to the development of our recreational centers, public parks, and bike paths. Most businesses, restaurants, and resorts usually introduce local artists through the displays they make in public places. In the open spaces, people view the erected establishments of local artists easily. Again, at the beaches and in the downtown suburbs such as Orange Park, Yulee, and Middleburg several displays have been erected displaying local artists. The Florida School of the Arts Main Gallery situated on the Palatka campus of St. Johns River State College is a worthy place for displaying the works of local artists. At the school, there are an estimated artists’ studios that can accommodate 20 artists once. Moreover, there is a gallery and a good meeting space. The galleries usually host six yearly exhibitions specifically meant for new or emerging artists.

Museums found in Jacksonville

Museum of Science and History

The first is the Museum of Science and History that is of great significance to children and their parents. Museum of Science and History has a very qualified staff of volunteers and docents. Applications for the volunteer program are usually opened in February, and the program runs from April to May.

Cummer Museum of Arts and Gardens

Cummer Museum of Arts and Gardens. Here students are taught of their worldwide through the integration of art, literature, music and movement programs. Additionally, students study the different relationships between plants and animals.

MOCA Jacksonville

The MOCA Jacksonville situated at 333 North Laura Street in downtown Jacksonville, Florida 32202. The museum has many programs meant to promote modern art. Art Fusion, Art Camp, Weaver Educator programs and the Art Explorium are the programs offered at the MOCA Jacksonville museum. Briefly, supporting local artists is equally important as supporting the top artist in the art industry. We can support them by attending their shows, funding their exhibits and programs as well as displaying their works in public places. It is our duty as the public to support Jacksonville Arts to move to the next level.